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City cycling routes

The city cycling routes in Helsinki encourage people to exercise. The routes present the history of the different city districts and their natural and cultural sights, and also exhibit the various characteristics of different areas. City cycling routes take you to the various sights of different city districts, alone or in groups.

There are 29 different city cycling maps from the whole Helsinki region. The length of the routes has been marked on the maps, ranging from 10 to 30 kilometres. The routes range from one-hour routes to routes that may take the whole day. You can choose a route based on your speed, interests and fitness level. You also gain valuable exercise - just 15 minutes of cycling promotes your health and raises your fitness level.

Distribution points of printed maps

Printed city cycling maps are currently distributed at various sports and culture events.

Now we would like to here your ideas on what they could be. What would your cycling route be like? To help you to plan your route, you can, for example, use the empty number 30 form of city cycling routes. We are also happy to organise participatory workshops about the common city cycling routes based on your different ideas. Suggest an idea for us to publish!

Helsinki City cycling routes

0. Starting points and instructions of the routes
1. “Wooden houses in the stone city” route 
2. Route of Southern Helsinki
3. Töölö tour
4. Around the Kallio District
5. Tour of Statues
6. Lauttasaari
7. Munkka
8. Haaga
9. Pitäjänmäki-Munkkivuori
10. Malminkartano-Kannelmäki
11. Pasila-Vanhakaupunki
12. Vanhakaupunki-Oulunkylä
13. Maunula-Pakila
14. Haltiala
15. Viikki-Pihlajamäki
16. Pukinmäki-Malmi
17. Tapanila-Siltamäki
18. Jakomäki-Puistola
19. Herttoniemi-Kulosaari
20. Laajasalo
21. Marjaniemi-Roihuvuori-Tammisalo
22. Miller’s route to the Puotinkylä Manor
23. Kontula-Vesala-Kivikko
24. From Vartiokylänlahti to Porvarinlahti
25. Southern Vuosaari
26. Around the Laajalahti Bay district
27. Vanhankaupunginlahti

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