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Maps and aerial photographs

Aerial photos

The City has been commissioning aerial photography since the 1930’s. The City has extensive archives of aerial photographs, orthophotographs and unedited aerial photographs. 


The City of Helsinki produces technically-accurate cartographic materials covering the city area, including the base map containing all key elements needed for planning and construction, the real estate map, the map of underground cables and pipes, and more general maps such as the guide map and pictorial map.

Map services on the Web

The City of Helsinki maintains many map services open to everybody.

The City of Helsinki map service is a map portal that can be used to access the map and geographic information datasets of several departments. The portal can be used to locate buildings and other real estate, city plan maps and register information about locations. The portal gives access to many basic maps such as the guide map, various versions of the real estate map, orthophotographs, and a large collection of historical maps and aerial photos.

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Service Map can be used to locate the municipal services at any area, complete with their address and other contact information as well as accessibility information. The Service Map is maintained jointly by the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Helsinki geographic information index

The geographic information index is a City of Helsinki service that compiles the metadata of the geographic information datasets and services of the City administrative bodies. It includes the names of geographic information datasets, short descriptions, purpose of use, information updates and the updating methods. The index also includes brief histories of the datasets.

The index is maintained technically by the The Urban Environment Division City survey services. Each administrative body maintains the metadata of their own geographic information.

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Maps in Construction and Printed Maps: 

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Maps for leisure

Maps for leisure and the map of Helsinki fishing waters