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Street and road numbers

Street and road numbers are assigned on the basis of detailed plans, changes to detailed plans, plot divisions, changes to plot divisions and for other specific reasons. Street and road numbering in Helsinki is carried out by The Urban Environment Division , whose street number service provides assistance in questions concerning numbering. 

Names are assigned to streets and roads in connection of the preparation of detailed plans.

More information

The Urban Environment Division
Street number service, tel. +358-9 310 31957
E-mail: osoitteet (at) 

The Urban Environment Division, The Building Control    
Sirpa Pirinen-Stürmer, tel. +358-9 310 26484
E-post: sirpa.pirinen-sturmer  (at)

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Maps in Construction and Printed Maps: 

Customer service, tel. (09) 310 22111;  

Special Maps: 

Map products, tel. (09) 310 22111;



Customer service, tel. (09) 310 22111;