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Plot division and estimates

A plot division is a project where blocks are divided into plots in the detailed plan. The realization of detailed plans requires planning and composing a plot division.

A plot division is composed when land owners so request or it is otherwise deemed necessary. A plot division process takes 1–2.5 months. This process and changes to plot divisions are carried out by The Urban Environment Division, City survey services. Plot divisions are always made in cooperation with land owners.

Documents related to plot division can be reviewed in PDF. Find links on this page. You can check current borders of real estate and plots on the cadastral map available on the online location information service (The City of Helsinki Map Service).

Changes to plot division

Changes to plot divisions are made on the basis of changes to detailed plans or by applications of land owners. Possibilities to divide plots are influenced by the regulations of the detailed plan, the building rights exercised and the placement of buildings.

Changes to plot divisions take 1–2.5 months. 

In order to get a building permit for a plot planned in plot division, the plot must be subdivided and marked in the real estate register.  For more information: Parceling of plots.

Tentative plot division estimates

Before a plot division is changed, it is possible to make a tentative division estimate to find various division alternatives. A tentative estimate of plots does not commit land owners to seek changes to plot divisions.

A tentative estimate is a map drawing that can be used, for example, as an attachment to a sales brochure or sales document, in a distribution of an estate or inheritance, and in distribution and easement agreements. A tentative estimate takes about three business days. 

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