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Parceling of plots

A plot is a piece of real estate formed on the basis of a binding plot division in an area governed by a detailed plan. The real estate is registered as a plot in the City Real Estate Register. Plots are formed by parcelling.

The old borders are checked in the parcelling process and new borders are marked in the terrain. In the same connection, necessary real estate easements can be established, for example, for passages and cables. The process is documented in minutes and on a plot map.

After the parcelling process, the plot is recorded in the Real Estate Register. A building permit can be granted only to a registered plot that complies with a valid detailed plan and plot division.

Applying for parcelling

A parcelling process begins by an application by the owner or lease holder or after the National Land Survey of Finland has registered the title to the property and delivered an announcement of the registration to the City Real Estate Register. An application by the owner or lease holder may speed up the process.

The prerequisite for parcelling is a valid plot division. The owner must be legally confirmed to possess the real estate that the parcelling concerns. Another prerequisite is that confirmed mortgages on the real estate form no hindrance to parcelling.

In urgent cases, the process can be sped up with written approval by all parties concerned.

Duration and costs

Plot parcelling takes 3–4 months on average from application to registration. The fee for the process is determined by valid real estate process rates. The costs are covered by the applicant.

Plot registration without parcelling

If the area of a plot is the same as the area of the old real estate, on certain conditions the plot can be entered in the Real Estate Register without terrain work in less than a month. The fee for registration is determined by valid real estate process rates.

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