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Notary services

A notary serves as the certifying authority when the transfer document is signed in real estate transfer transactions. The transfer can be a contract of sale, an exchange or a gift. A pre-contract for a contract of sale also requires certification by a notary. 

  • City of Helsinki notaries certify real estate transfers from all of Finland. A notary provides advice on how to apply for legal confirmation of possession of real estate and information on how the personal data of the parties concerned are handled in official registers.
  • As necessary, the notary provides information on real-estate formation procedures and how to initiate a building permit process.
  • The notary reports the data of the transfer to the National Land Survey of Finland and the municipality where the real estate is located.
  • The notary charges a fee for the service, i.e. the fee determined in the decree on notary services, and the cost of travel.

Checklist for the buyer of notary services


  • The notary shall check the identity of the signatories of the transfer document and ensure that the transfer document fulfils the legal requirements. The signatories shall be able to prove their identity.
  • The transfer document shall contain at least the following information: the purpose of the transfer, the transferred real estate in detail, the transferor(s) and the transferee(s), and the transfer price or other compensation unless the transfer is a gift.
  • The notary shall check the data of the real estate in the register of titles to property, the mortgage register and the real estate register.
  • If the transferred item is a specified area, the area shall be marked clearly on copies of a map, one copy attached to each transfer document.
  • The notary shall mark the certification on each transfer document as follows:

The notary’s certification:


“I hereby testify as a notary that (name of seller) as the transferor / on behalf of the transferor and (name of buyer) as the transferee / on behalf of the transferee have signed this transfer document and that they were simultaneously present as the transfer was certified. I have checked the identity of the signatories and verified that the transfer document was prepared in the manner prescribed in Chapter 2 Clause 1 of land laws.”

Time and place
Notary’s signature
Name in block letters
Notary’s symbol


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