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Real estate formation

The Urban Environment Division, City survey services  is responsible for real estate formation and legal cadastral procedures within the borders of The City of Helsinki. The cadastral procedures consist of plot subdivisions, public area formations and easement surveys. 

As a prerequisite for execution of detailed plans, a plot division plan with plan calculations is needed. Both are planned and performed in cooperation with the survey services and the property owner. 

In addition to real estate subdivisions it is possible to carry out plot partition, property definition survey (e.g. demarcation), easement survey and coercive purchase of a missing part of a plot or land exchange during subdivision.

In legal cadastral surveys are old rights and easements being treated, real estate boundaries being ordered and the necessary new easements being founded. Once the survey has been legally valid, it will be subscribed to the real estate register.

The Urban Environment Division, City survey services  provides assistance with documents, documentation and application drafting in matters dealing with Legal Cadastral Procedures.

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Electrical application for legal cadastral survey/plot division
It is possible to get legal cadastral survey and plot division from the Helsinki region via national service.

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The Urban Environment Division, City survey services
Real estate formation

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