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Renovation of Finlandia Hall

The City of Helsinki has begun the project planning for the renovation of Finlandia Hall. Based on the preliminary schedule, the renovation is set to be carried out during 2022–2024. Thanks to temporary facilities called Little Finlandia, Finlandia Hall will remain open to customers throughout the renewal project.

Project planning of the renovation underway

The planning of the renovation project is being conducted by the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division.

The main building of Finlandia Hall, completed in 1971, is nearly 50 years old. To preserve the immense value of the building, and develop its operations into a more versatile direction, the building is going to be renovated. Finlandia Hall will be repaired and restored from top to bottom and renovated from the plumbing to the façade. New services targeted at consumers will be located in the building while observing the protection the construction enjoys.

The impressive, light interiors with marble walls, floors of natural stone and grand windows will be renovated to their former glory. Accessibility and lifts will be improved. A new exhibition space is planned and the connection between the building and Töölönlahti park will also be improved. A new, larger kitchen will also be built to facilitate and streamline the work of the staff. An impressive amount of modern technology will also be incorporated into the building.

The project plan for the renovation will be completed in 2019. The plan is going to be used as a basis for decisions regarding for example the costs. The specifying project plan, which determines façade materials, will be completed one year later.

Finlandia Hall, Olli Urpela
Finlandia Hall, Olli Urpela

Finlandia Hall is protected based on the Act on the Protection of the Built Heritage, as a result of which the planning of the renovation project is being conducted in collaboration with the National Board of Antiquities and the Alvar Aalto Foundation. The main building was originally completed in 1971, while the Congress Wing was completed in 1975

In connection with the renovation project, a multidisciplinary working group has been established to conduct a review of sustainable facade materials. In addition to marble, the working group will also explore other material options suitable for the building.

The façade is part of the comprehensive renovation

The façade of Finlandia Hall will be renovated as part of the comprehensive renovation of the building.

The proposal for the new surface material for the façade will be made based on extensive reports and tests. The objective is to find a more durable surface material that fulfils the requirements of the preservation order. The renovation of the façade will account for approximately 15 per cent of the overall costs of the renovation.

The façade team has surveyed numerous materials over an eighteen-month period and gathered samples and information from experts, material manufacturers and research institutes alike. Material durability in the long term, appearance and availability have been scrutinised as well as correspondence with the original material. According to the preservation order, the façade of the building must remain equivalent to the architectural appearance of the original in terms of material and colours, etc.

Finlandia Hall to remain open without interruption

Finlandia Hall is open and will continue to be used as a conference and event centre throughout the renewal project. The renewal will start in spring 2022. The work will be completed and the building taken into use in two phases: the conference wing in spring 2023, and the main building in summer 2024.

Finlandia Hall’s temporary facilities will consist of a new pavilion-like building that will be able to offer new kinds of services to tourists and city residents. The plan is for students of Aalto University to contribute to the visual design of the temporary facilities.

As regards the realisation of the pavilion, the City of Helsinki aims to explore a number of solutions, such wood-structured modules that could be recycled and later moved to be used in other temporary facilities. The City is also looking into the option of utilising Hakaniemi Market Hall’s temporary facilities as part of Little Finlandia.

Finlandia-talo Töölönlahdelta, Eero Venhola
Finlandia Hall, Eero Venhola


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