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Town house plots

Townhouses are detached houses built in the urban environment, usually on their own individual plots, and built close together. The plots are often very small. The houses built on the plots usually have two or three stories, and the individual facades of the houses may vary. The houses often only have a small front or back garden.

Allocation of plots

Helsinki is able to offer a large number of townhouse plots for self-directed group construction and development. Town house plots offered are provided primarily through a separate plot application organised for each area, where those for whom the plots are reserved are selected mainly through a draw.

Draw conditions

Recipients of the plots will be subject to requirements, which are decided upon separately for each plot draw. Plots can be applied for by anyone, and generally one plot is leased per applicant. The establishment of a group, residence in Helsinki or having children are not requirements for receipt of a plot. Plots are only allocated to individuals.

If tenants are not found for all plots through the plot draw, the remaining plots will be allocated in order of application.

More information:

The Urban Environment Division, Land Property Development and Plots

Juha Heikkilä, Officer for detached housing
Tel. +358 9 310 70964

06.12.2019 19:11