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Ongoing plot draw

The city reserves and allocates the majority of residential plots on the basis of individually announced general plot draws and complementary application procedures and competitions.
Plots for which realisers (reservees) have not been found through the allocation methods mentioned are transferred to the so-called ongoing plot draw. Plots in the ongoing plot draw can be applied for by anyone who is interested. Applications for plots can be made a minimum of four weeks from the day of publication The ongoing plot draw plot list is updated when plots are transferred to the draw.

Application for plots

Plots in the ongoing plot draw must be applied for via a plot reservation application (see the page menu, plots available). The requested reports and documents must be attached to the applications. Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered in the preparation of the reservation proposal for plots in the ongoing plot draw, instead, the applications will be processed in connection with the centralised individually announced general plot draws.

Conclusion of the plot draw and application submission deadline

Applications for plots transferred to the ongoing plot draw will remain open for each individual plot, until a sufficient number of acceptable applications have been received for the preparation of the reservation proposal. When the number of applications is deemed to be sufficient, the Plot Office will set a deadline for applications to be submitted by for the plot in question. The deadline will be about 2–3 weeks from the publication of the announcement, and the deadline will be announced for the listing of plots in the ongoing plot draw individually for each plot. Plots for which the deadline has passed will be removed from the ongoing plot draw, and applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered in the preparation of the reservation proposal.

Plots can be, regardless of the above, applied for in all situations for at least 4 weeks from when the plot was first published as being available.

Preparation of the reservation proposal and allocation of plots

The plot reservation proposal is prepared primarily on the basis of applications received by the previously mentioned deadline and potential further negotiations. The reservation proposal is prepared by the Helsinki City's Plot Office, The Urban Environment Committee decides on the reservation of plots. If a plot is shown as being reservable for government subsidised rental housing production, the City Board will make the decision regarding its reservation.  Requirements for a favourable plot reservation proposal are, amongst other things, that the project will implement the city’s housing policy aims, the party proposed as the recipient of the reservation has taken care of their societal duties, and has sufficient financial and other resources, as well as the adequate technical expertise to realise the plot reserved.

Reserved plots are allocated before the start of construction by lease, unless otherwise agreed with the city.

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