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Allocation of residential plots

The City of Helsinki annually allocates a large number of residential plots through various different housing projects. The preparation and allocation of the reservation proposal for residential plots is guided in particular by the land use and housing programme (‘AM programme’), approved of by the City Council, and decisions further detailing aspects of it.

The Urban Environment Division's Residential Plots team is responsible for the reservation and allocation of residential plots and the related parking and other similar plots.

Number of plots allocated

Over the last few years, around 2,500–3,200 residential plots have been allocated (by sale or lease) annually for the construction of housing. The number of plots reserved and allocated is influenced in particular by the progress of town plans and the construction of streets and municipal technology.

Unregulated housing production

The city aims to allocate plots intended for unregulated housing production, primarily through sales. The plots are allocated primarily through separate competitions and registration and negotiation processes. Unregulated housing production makes up about 40% of all plots.

Regulated housing production

Plots intended for regulated housing production (e.g. ARA rental and Hitas) in turn, are allocated through leasing. Due to the large number of residential plots, the majority of plots are reserved on the basis of applications and after potential further negotiations. Plots reserved on the basis of applications are primarily just for regulated housing production, which accounts for about 60% of all plots.

Contact information

Professional developers and builders and group construction

Miia Pasuri, Team Manager, Residential Plots team  
Tel. +358 9 310 34439

Pirjo-Liina Koivusaari, Chief Site Ombudsman
Tel. +358 9 310 38800

Detached house plots and town house plots

Juha Heikkilä
Tel. +358 9 310 70964

e-mail addresses:

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