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Transfer of leasehold

Residential plots

Tenants have the right to, without consulting the lessor, transfer their leasehold to someone else.

The new tenant must apply for registration of their leasehold from the National Land Survey of Finland’s Southern Finland office, in accordance with the Code of Real Estate.

As soon as the transfer has occurred, the new tenant must submit to the City of Helsinki The Urban Environment Division's Plot Office a copy of the deed of conveyance or another document on which the acquisition is based, and also provide details, in writing, of the new invoicing address for the land lease.

Assessment of the maximum price when transferring the leasehold

In land lease contracts signed in 1979 or later for detached house plots, the Urban Environment Committee must approve the sale price of the leasehold and buildings. In accordance with the decision made by the City Council on 25 August 2010, assessment of the maximum price was changed so that it would be applicable for a fixed term. The condition will apply for 10 years from the start of the land lease contract. The change also affects old land lease contracts. The transfer of leaseholds drawn up later does not affect the date set.

Before the sale of the leasehold, a valuation of the buildings is carried out for the plots where the land lease contract has been in force for less than 10 years. The start date of the contract is stated on the front page of the contract.

Valuation of buildings:

Invoicing for land leases:

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Transfer of leasehold – Commercial plots

The tenant can transfer the land leasehold, and the buildings it includes, to someone else if the transfer is permitted in the land lease contract.

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