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Terrace refers to the outdoor serving area of a restaurant or a cafe. A terrace area can be leased in the area outside the business premises. A terrace season is divided into a summer season and a winter season. The summer season is from 1 April to 31 October and the winter season is from 1 November to 31 March. Summer and winter terraces can be of different sizes.

How can you obtain a license?

Where can a terrace be placed?

  • A terrace area can be leased in the area outside the business premises, see the terrace instructions (pdf) (in Finnish).
  • As a rule, the terrace area must not take up more than half of the free width of an area intended for pedestrians. The width of the free pedestrian pathway must always be at least 150 cm. However, the terrace must not impede the use of public city space, access to a property, accessibility or traffic safety.
  • The pedestrian city centre area (pdf, 5MB) has separate dimensioning regulations for terrace placement, and Keskuskatu (pdf) has its own dimensioning regulations.

How much does it cost?

  • Terrace prices (pdf) (in Finnish)
  • You can use the pavement in front of your shop as a terrace free of charge, provided that the space does not extend beyond 80 centimetres from the wall of the building and no structures are placed. However, you will need a terrace license.

 Good to know

  • A contract is terminated by submitting a written notice of termination (pdf).
  • If you need to have changes made to the contract, contact the inspectors.
  • Terrace licenses for beaches and sports fields and parks are granted by the Culture and Leisure Division and terrace licenses for commercial market square areas are granted by the Wholesale Market. Terrace licenses for private areas are granted by the owner or holder of the area (e.g. shopping centres).
  • Alcohol serving licenses for terraces are granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact inspectors (pdf) by telephone on weekdays from 10.00 to 11.30 or by e-mail at

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