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Parklet use of parking spaces

A parklet means a parking space that is temporarily re-purposed for other use. A street-level shop can apply for a parking space located in front of the shop to be converted into a parklet for the purpose of setting up a terrace or some other operations suitable for the space. However, the parking space cannot be used as a storage or advertising space, for the parking or storage of motor or towed vehicles or for mobile food premises. A parklet space can be rented for the summer season, i.e. April–October.

How do you obtain a permit?

  • Confirm whether the parking space is suitable for parklet use by sending an e-mail enquiry to Use the map service to determine the exact location of the parking space.
  • Apply for a parklet permit using the application form (pdf).
  • The documents and reports that need to be included in the application as appendices are listed in the parklet instructions (in Finnish).
  • If you intend to set up structures in the parking space, please check with building control services whether you need a separate permit for the structure.

Where can a parklet be placed?

The suitability of a parking space for parklet use is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the parklet instructions (in Finnish) for factors that affect suitability.

What does it cost?

Good to know

  • A contract is terminated by submitting a written notice of termination (pdf).
  • If you need to have changes made to the contract, please contact the inspectors.
  • Licenses to dispense alcohol for parklet terraces are granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact the inspectors (pdf) by phone on weekdays at 10:00–11:30 or via e-mail at

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