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Food trucks

Food trucks are registered motor vehicles or carts used for selling food items. They do not have their own, permanent sales spots. Instead, a food truck carries with it all that it requires to do business, takes away any waste and leaves behind nothing but satisfied customers.

How can you make an agreement?

  • Book a starting meeting by e-mail ( Bring a certificate of tax debt, a trade register extract (no older than 3 months) and a certificate of a food establishment notification.
  • You can make an agreement for one month or 12 months at the longest.
  • The agreement can be renewed at the Urban Environment Division’s Customer Service Department.

Where can a food truck operate?

  • The city centre area has designated sales spots. See the maps (pdf) for the sales spots and times in the centre area, Hakaniemi Market Square and Säästöpankinranta.
  • If you want to sign up for the rota for the sales spots in Asema-aukio Plaza, Kansalaistori Square and Simonpuistikko, send a message to
  • Outside of the city centre, food trucks are permitted in nearly all of the city's streets and squares. These areas can be used for food truck operations as long as other activities in the area (traffic, events, residents, etc.) are not disturbed, their safety endangered or the areas damaged.
  • You shouldn´t go disturbingly close to the other kiosks or restaurants.
  • Streets must have at least 2 metres of space for pedestrians on all sides of the kiosk.
  • Food trucks may not operate in park areas.
  • Food trucks may operate on the following public beaches:
    • Furuvik beach
    • Hevossalmi beach
    • Iso Kallahti beach
    • Pakila beach
    • Porvariskuninkaanpuisto beach
    • Tapaninvainio beach
    • Veijarivuori beach
    • Rastila beach
    • Puotila beach

How much does it cost?

  • The agreement for food truck operations costs either 200 EUR (+ VAT 24 %) per month or 1500 EUR (+ VAT 24 %) for 12 months.
  • The security for the agreement, €1,000, is paid upon signing the agreement.

Good to know

  • A food truck is a registered motor vehicle or cart used for selling food items. It arrives at its designated sales spot as scheduled and leaves when the time is up. The kiosks do not have permanent sales spots. Instead, they take turns at sales spots.
  • No water or sewer connections may be built from food trucks.
  • You can sell food items from a bicycle, cart or moped (registered in class L1e or L2e) without a separate permit, see mobile sales and distribution.
  • When operating in an event area, a food truck requires the event organiser’s permission. You can find events in the City of Helsinki map service.
  • During heavy snow, the sales spots for food trucks may be out of commission. Payments for food truck agreements will not be reimbursed due to obstacles caused by heavy snow.
  • If a sales spot featured on the rota is not occupied, it can be used by any entrepreneur with a valid agreement. The primary usage right for the area belongs to the operator named on the rota for the week. If an area features only one spot on the rota, the spot may only be used by one food truck at a time.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact inspectors (pdf) by telephone on weekdays from 10.00 to 11.30 or by e-mail at

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