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Christmas tree sales spots

The City of Helsinki provides Christmas tree vendors sales spots on market squares, in parks and on plazas. The sales spots are auctioned out in October and November.

The Christmas tree sales period is from mid-December to Christmas eve.

How do you apply for a sales spot?

You can lease a Christmas tree sales spot by taking part in the auction through the service. The sales right is granted to the highest bidder. A link to the auction will be added here as it begins in October 2020.

The auction will end in accordance with the rules of the service. You can buy any vacant sales spots through the service until 23 December or as long as spots are available.

Where are the sales spots?

The City of Helsinki has almost 100 Christmas tree sales spots (pdf), 80 of which are reserved exclusively for a single vendor. You can see the locations of the exclusive sales spots on the map (PNG, 6MB).

Co-sales spots have several vendors in one location. There are three co-sales spots (png), and they can be used by a total of 10 vendors:

How do you pay for a sales spot?

  • If you have made the highest bid for a sales spot, you will receive a message from the service after the auction has closed.
  • After that, please pay for the sales spot without delay:
    • payee: City of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division
    • bank account number: FI04 8000 1200 0588 90
    • due date: immediately
    • sum: the sum of the highest bid for the item on (EUR)
    • payer: your name and address
    • additional information field: the number and address of the sales spot, the identifier and your user name
    • do not use a reference number
    • if necessary, refer to the example form (pdf).
  • Submit a copy of your payment receipt by e-mail to
  • You can also pay for the sales spot through the Urban Environment Division’s customer service. In that case, bring the auction win message from with you.

 Good to know

  • A Christmas tree vendor who redeems a sales spot must commit to the terms and conditions (pdf) (in Finnish) of the Christmas tree sales spot.
  • The vendor must keep the auction win message from and the payment receipt available at the sales spot.
  • Bids made through the service are binding. If the highest bidder does not redeem the sales spot, the City will collect a fee for the spot in accordance with the City’s collection policy.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact inspectors (pdf) who process land leases by telephone on weekdays from 10.00 to 11.30 or by e-mail at

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