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Renting water areas

Water areas can be rented for the purpose of operating a restaurant ship or floating terrace, for example.

Berths and water areas used by line traffic and other waterborne traffic are rented out by the Culture and Leisure Division.

How do you rent an area?

Submit the application form (pdf) and required appendices via e-mail to the address

Be sure to include the following documents and information in your application as appendices:

  • a map of the area to be rented
  • a description of what the area will be used for
  • a trade register extract (no older than 3 months).

What does it cost?

The rent amount varies according to the product. Please refer to the price list (pdf) (in Finnish) for more detailed information.

Good to know

  • The suitability of the area for the proposed use is assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please note that the structures related to the renting of water areas usually also require a building permit.
  • The lease agreement is terminated by submitting a written notice of termination (pdf).
  • If you need to have changes made to the agreement, contact the inspectors.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact the inspectors (pdf) who handle renting matters by phone on weekdays at 10:00–11:30 or via e-mail at

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