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Dog training fields

You can book a fixed weekly reservation for dog training at dog training fields. The same fields can also be used for organising daytime training courses, dog shows, obedience tests, match show events or other daytime events.

How do you apply?

  • You can apply for a fixed reservation using the application form (pdf).
  • The annual application period for fixed reservations is in autumn. Please submit your application by the end of November. Reservations are assigned by the end of December. You can apply for any available reservations all year round.
  • When you organise a dog event in a park or on a dog training field, for example, apply for an event permit with the application form (pdf).

Where are dog training fields located?

The locations leased out for training and other events may change from year to year. The following fields are currently available, see map (pdf):

  • Suurmetsä, Tattarisuo landfill hill (northern end of Tattarinsuontie) G
  • Herttoniemi, water tower field (opposite to Sahaajankatu 6) S, G
  • Oulunkylä, Pyhtäänpuisto field (Oulunkyläntie 29) S (no weekly reservations)
  • Talinhuippu, Tali field (between the Vermo racetrack and Mätäoja, Ravitie 1) S, L
  • Malminkartano circus field (Kartanonkaari-Ruosilanmutka) S, L
  • Nummitie field, Heikinlaakso (Nummitie 29) S

(S = sand area, G = grass area, L = lit area)

How much does it cost?

The annual lease for a field is:

  • €100/year for associations (2 h/week) + VAT 24%
  • €300/year for businesses (2 h/week) + VAT 24%

Non-profit events organised by dog associations at dog training fields are granted free of charge. However, please apply for a permit for the event in order to prevent double bookings. If the event involves commercial operators, a fee is charged in accordance with the price list (pdf).

Good to know

  • Fixed reservations are assigned for the entire year.
  • Fixed reservations are made for two hours at a time on weekday evenings at 17.00–19.00 or 19.00–21.00. At weekends, fixed reservations are made between 9.00 and 21.00.
  • Due to high demand, there are not enough evening reservations available for all applicants at all fields.
  • An assigned reservation may not be changed or transferred to a third party without permission from the Urban Environment Division’s Land Use department.
  • The City of Helsinki does not have field or forest areas for dog training.
  • The fields are provided for use as they are. The field lease does not cover municipal utilities, additional lighting, waste management or other maintenance (e.g. cleaning, grass cutting or stand and equipment repairs or storage).
  • If you need to have changes made to the agreement, contact the inspectors.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact inspectors (pdf) who process land leases by telephone on weekdays from 10.00 to 11.30 or by e-mail at

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