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Election events

Organizing an election event on a street, at a marketplace or in a park requires a permit if the event restricts the public use of the area. A permit is required if the event involves the setting up of tents, tables, chairs, stages, barriers or other structures in the area, for example.

Information on the terms and conditions of election events held in public areas (in Finnish)

Good to know

Permits for election events held in other areas

  • Holding an election event on a public beach or at a sports field or sports park requires permission from the Culture and Leisure Division.
  • Holding an election event at a market square used as a marketplace or at Malmi Airport requires permission from the Wholesale Market.
  • Holding an election event in a harbour area requires permission from the Port of Helsinki.
  • Holding an election event at a metro station requires permission from HKL.
  • Holding an election event on private property, such as in a shopping centre, requires permission from the property owner or holder.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact the inspectors (pdf) by phone on weekdays at 10:00–11:30 or via e-mail at

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