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Election advertising

Election advertising in public areas requires permission from the landowner.

Information on the terms and conditions of election advertising held in public areas (in Finnish)

Where are election advertisements displayed?

  • The City of Helsinki arranges poster spots on election advertising stands for groups participating in elections. Stands are set up around the city. The City reserves one poster place for each political party, joint list or constituency association on each election advertising stand.
  • Advertising spots on bridges can also be reserved for election advertising.

What does it cost?

  • The use of election advertising stands is free of charge.
  • Bridge advertising spots are priced at EUR 150 + VAT/week.

Good to know

  • In accordance with the recommendation of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, outdoor election advertising begins one week before the start of advance voting and ends on the evening of the election day.
  • Election advertisements may only be placed on or attached to election advertising stands and advertising spots on bridges. Placing an election advertisement in a public area or on other City-owned property is prohibited.
  • The setup, dismantling and maintenance of election advertising stands is handled by Helsinki City Construction Services Stara. Stara also sells poster mounting and maintenance services carried out during office hours to groups participating in elections.
  • You will find more information on organising election events in the Events-section.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact the inspectors (pdf) by phone on weekdays at 10:00–11:30 or via e-mail at

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