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Transportable advertising boards, or A frames

How to place a transportable advertising board

No fee will be charged for placing a transportable advertising board, but the instructions given for placing boards must be followed. The instructions have been created to secure accessibility and smoothness of traffic. There must also be space for prams and wheelchairs on the pavement. Advertising boards may cause a significant danger to people with visual impairments.


Ground-floor business premises are entitled to have one A frame on the pavement in front of the building during the opening times of the business. The owner of the advertisement equipment is liable for any damage caused by their A frames.

  • The A frame must not extend further than 80 cm from the wall of the business premises. It must always leave at least 1.5 metres free space for pedestrians.
  • The A frame may not be placed in a park, unless it is directly related to operations that take place in that park, such as a kiosk.
  • The A frame may not be attached or tied to traffic signs, trees, tree covers, or any other fixtures on the road.
  • The A frame may not be placed in a bicycle lane or street. The A frame may not hinder traffic safety or block the visibility of traffic or traffic signs, lights, or pavement striping.
  • The A frame may not obstruct maintenance traffic to properties or street maintenance.

In accordance with the Public Order Act, the police will have the right to remove an A frame after a request if it hinders pedestrian traffic or other use of the area, for example. In urgent cases, in order to prevent endangerment of public order and safety, the police will have the right to take care of removing the advertisement without hearing the concerned party and at the negligent party’s expense. The City may define more conditions on the placement of A frames or limit their placement in areas that are significant to the city image.

Contact information

If necessary, you can contact inspectors (pdf) by telephone on weekdays from 10.00 to 11.30 or by e-mail at

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