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Cooperation projects related to indoor air

The City of Helsinki is actively involved in the following programmes, projects and networks, etc.:

  • Healthy Premises 2028 operational programme. The goal of the national programme is to make public buildings healthy and improve the treatment and rehabilitation of those who develop symptoms due to indoor air quality. The aim is to establish a building management method, during the ten-year programme period, in which the condition of the buildings, their suitability for their intended purpose and user experiences are checked and assessed regularly. During the work, the methods available to municipalities to implement projects that promote the property conditions are being investigated.
  • The national programme on indoor air and health. The goal of the national programme, headed by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), is to reduce any symptoms related to indoor environments and increase the share of people who are happy with the indoor environments in Finland.
  • The COMBI project. The project studies ways to improve the energy efficiency of municipal service buildings to reach nearly net-zero energy, comprehensively. Aspects of the project include building physics, architecture and lighting.
  • The SIBI project studied the effects of cleaning chemicals and biocides, used at educational institutions and day care centres in the metropolitan area, on the quality of indoor air. The project provided new information on the effects of methods and chemical agents used for cleaning the premises of educational institutions and day care centres. A more detailed project description » 
  • The project on moisture damage to floors with plastic flooring. A project by the Tampere University of Technology aimed to investigate the factors that influence damage to floors with plastic flooring and the damage processes, as well as determine functional material combinations. 
  • Municipal indoor air network. In 2018, a municipal indoor air network was established between the parties responsible for the properties of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa. In addition to the founding members, representatives of Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Kuopio have also been invited to the network. The network aims to find good practices and standardise procedures in areas such as the following: structural solutions, ensuring successful repairs and the functioning of building services, as well as automation.

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