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When you suffer symptoms or suspect problems with indoor air

Poor indoor air may cause many kinds of symptoms and decrease working efficiency and comfort in the space. Symptoms or circumstantial hazards may be caused by the following, for example:

• insufficient ventilation
• material emissions
• excessive number of users
• moisture and microbial damage
• draught, incorrect temperature
• fragrances and animal dander brought in by the users of the space
• poor cleaning.
Symptoms connected to poor indoor air include:
• various irritation symptoms (itching eyes, blocked nose, irritation in the throat, hoarseness, cough, skin symptoms, shortness of breath)
• general symptoms (tiredness, headache, joint ache, temperature).
• There is research-based evidence of the connection between microbial damage and asthma becoming more difficult, new instances of asthma, and repeated infections in the upper respiratory tract.

Sometimes, the problems may be hidden, surfacing only when the users of the space begin to suffer physical symptoms. Indoor air-related symptoms are alleviated when the person does not spend time in the building.

Most indoor air-related symptoms and hazards are temporary, but any suspicion of indoor air problems must be investigated without delay.

When you suspect an indoor air problem in a city facility

Indoor air problems should be suspected particularly if more than usual users of a space suffer from repeated respiratory infections or new or increasingly severe allergic diseases. If you suspect indoor air problems at a school, daycare centre, or other city building, please share your suspicion with the supervisor at the facility. 

Operating model for suspected cases of a child having symptoms from indoor air

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When you suspect indoor air problems in an apartment

If you suspect your apartment or housing company to have indoor air problems, you can ask for instructions at the City of Helsinki Environmental Services Housing health information service.

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