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Communications and contact information

Who can give me information?

The supervisor of the site serves as the contact person between the users of the city’s facilities and the maintenance personnel. If you need information about the condition of a school or daycare centre, for example, you can talk to the principal or director of the daycare centre.

The Urban Environment Division is responsible for ordering indoor air investigations and repairs in service facilities owned by the city. To ensure that any questions and information requests related to the condition, investigations, and repairs to buildings are delivered to the intended recipient as quickly as possible, they should be sent using the feedback form.

The city’s Environmental services are the health protection authority in charge of monitoring that public facilities cause no health hazards. Environmental services can also instruct you in matters related to indoor air or moisture problems in apartments.


Over 300 user announcements regarding the condition, investigations, and repairs to the city’s facilities are supplied to the users of the facilities every year. Information and announcements related to the indoor air in the city’s buildings are mainly produced by the Urban Environment Division.

Announcements (mainly in Finnish)»

Investigation reports

Indoor air quality surveys are public and published on website (in Finnish). If you cannot find the indoor air quality report you wish to read, please make a request for the report using the feedback form or get in contact with person mentioned on the bulletin informing you of the survey.

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