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Cables and cable transfer

Underground Helsinki accommodates a great many tunnels and other spaces. These should be reviewed before planning any construction project involving excavation. The same applies to drilling.

Areas under construction often have underground cables that have to be removed before construction.

Before undertaking excavation work, the builder shall find out from the cable information service whether there are any active cables, equipment, underground spaces or other underground structures in the area.


Cable information service

The cable information service is available for excavation, drilling and related engineering projects. The service is located at Työpajankatu 8.

27.08.2020 16:18


The cable map presents the locations of underground cables. The map also reports cable dimensions, cable materials and, to some extent, the depths at which cables are buried.


Cable transfer operations are agreed with the Real Estate Department if the site is owned by the City and it contains public service or corresponding cables.