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Prebuilding engineering

Foundation engineering looks for the most technically and economically feasible geotechnical solutions, while taking safety factors into consideration. It includes the making of geotechnical calculations needed in excavation sizing as well as in assessing slope stability and foundation structure settlements. 

Prebuilding engineering co-ordination and planning in Helsinki has been a part of our activities for the past 20 years. Prebuilding engineering involves the use of various ground construction methods to make unfit ground areas fit for construction. In this way, the city has been able to annually acquire about 10 ha of new land in central locations (e.g. Pikku-Huopalahti, Ruoholahti and Arabianranta).

The harmful effects of construction are anticipated with the help of e.g. ground measurements, the measurement of horizontal and vertical earth movement and the monitoring of changes in groundwater levels.

06.12.2019 19:23