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Helsinki building stock

Information about the Helsinki building stock is compiled in City-maintained archives, registers and statistics, many of which are available to residents online.

Construction and housing statistics

The City of Helsinki Urban Facts produces and updates diverse statistical information on the evolution of the city’s residential and other building stock. Information about the building stock and housing is also compiled in the Helsinki statistical yearbook and other publications produced by Urban Facts annually. Most of the publications are published online.

Architectural and construction drawings

Architectural and other construction drawings of Helsinki buildings can be purchased from the online ARSKA Service. Drawings can be easily browsed by the address. The service is maintained by the archives of Building Control. The archives’ oldest drawings date back to the late 19th century. Drawings and permit documents can also be read on site at the archives.

Building maintenance

City of Helsinki owned buildings and space that house City operations are maintained by the Real Estate Department. Other buildings are maintained by the owner or leaseholder. The Building Control Department is responsible for ensuring that buildings are maintained appropriately.

Building information

The City of Helsinki maintains an open map and location information service, which provides information about the entire city with diverse maps, aerial photos and statutory plans. This ptp service provides real-estate and building specific information directly from the municipal register (real-estate, building and detailed-plan data).  

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