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Nature studies

City-wide nature studies

The municipal environmental authority is the environmental protection and oversight agent
that monitors the state of the environment in the municipality and conducts related research and studies.

The City of Helsinki Environment Services has produced a number of studies on the Helsinki nature covering the entire city. The materials of many of these studies are included in a nature database, which contains location information about valuable flora, bird nesting sites bats and other. This data is available for use by planners at various City departments.

Nature Database

Area-specific and project-based studies

The Environment Services produces area-specific nature studies on nature reserves and areas proposed as nature reserves. Studies are required for the evaluation of nature protection needs and nature-reserve management.

The Environment Services can assist in other nature studies required for planning and various construction projects.

As a rule, the environmental impact of the realization of a city or detailed plan must be assessed to the necessary extent. In Helsinki this responsibility lies with the Land Use and City Structure Department.

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