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Land use planning

The Land Use and Building Act (MRL, 132/1999) emphasizes environmental aspects, participation and openness in land use planning.

Environmental impact assessments of plans are made case by case. Planning processes should start with an outline for participation and interaction procedures as well as for the evaluation of the impact of the plan.

A plan has to be based on sufficient studies. As a plan is prepared, the environmental impact of the realization of the plan should be studied to an adequate extent, including social, economic, cultural and other impacts. The studies should be conducted on the entire scope that the plan is expected to impact (Land use and Building Act Article 9).

The results of an environmental impact assessment are compiled in a report, which also describes how the results of various studies and views have been taken into consideration in the plan. The report also describes the measures to be taken to prevent possible environmental impacts caused by the realization of the plan.

Land Use and Building Act

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