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Environmental impact assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment Act (YVA), which took effect in 1995, is applied to major projects.

Major projects are listed in a supplementary statute. Regional environment institutes can decide to apply the environmental impact assessment procedure to other projects on the basis of some specifics of the project, the location of the project or an evaluation of the nature of the project.

The City of Helsinki has participated in many environmental impact assessments either as the project owner or by issuing statements. These assessments have included the Vuosaari Harbour project and the construction of the metro rail line between Ruoholahti and Matinkylä.

An assessment procedure begins when the project owner delivers the assessment programme to the regional environment institute. An assessment procedure ends when the official in charge releases a statement on the assessment report prepared on the assessment.

All costs for an environmental impact assessment are covered by the project owner. Citizens, authorities and others are heard at the assessment and reporting stages.

Act on Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure

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