Vartiosaari is a 82-hectare island in eastern Helsinki. It is located in the midst of developed areas south of Tammisalo and between Laajasalo and Vuosaari. Vartiosaari lies on the 7-kilometre radius from the Helsinki city centre.

The island has about 50 villas and vacation homes as well as about 100 other buildings. The oldest villas date back to the late 19th century. The City of Helsinki owns about half of the island’s building stock and 90 percent of the land area. Some 20 people make their home in Vartiosaari year round. Most of the buildings are used in summertime only. The commute to the island is by boat.

The island is one of the nationally distinguished constructed cultural environments in Finland (RKY 2009), one of the summer villa areas along the old steam boat routes in Helsinki. Vartiosaari also has high landscape value.  

The island is marked by rich landscape and natural conditions. The flora ranges from dry pine fields to green woods. Rocky hilltops open magnificent views to the sea. The highest point is 32 metres above sea level.

Planning stage

Vartiosaari will be a densely built island district, developed for both housing and recreational services for all Helsinki residents. City Council approved the partial city plan proposal in October 2016. 

Online discussion

The Vartiosaari Web site invited ideas for housing and the recreational uses of the island in late 2012. Find a summary and the comments below. 

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