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Underground Master Plan

A new underground master plan is being created for Helsinki It will be used to control the planning of facilities and tunnels in the bedrock underneath the city.

The current underground master plan, which came into force in 2011, is in need of an update, because some of the space reservations have become obsolete while new space requirements have emerged.

Helsinki’s city plan (2016) will steer the city towards becoming more densely built, and the city’s expansion will make it necessary to transfer some of the operations underground and utilise the underground facilities more efficiently. The new underground master plan will promote a more diverse use of the underground facilities, more systematic utilisation of facilities constructed in the bedrock and better coordination between different types of operations.

Only the most important underground projects will be included in the underground master plan. However, underground projects can also be conducted based on the detailed plan.

The plan preparation schedule

The preparation of the new underground master plan began in 2017. A plan draft was reviewed by the Urban Environment Committee in May 2020. The draft will be used to prepare a plan proposal, on which the Committee will make a decision in 2021. The final decision regarding the plan will be made by the City Council.

Learn more about the material

Material for Helsinki’s new underground master plan (in Finnish)

18.08.2020 18:10