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Koivusaari is planned for 5,000 residents and 4,000 jobs. The Koivusaari plan envisions a maritime and urban environment enriched by marinas and served by efficient public transport connections. Construction would largely be on landfill.

The Koivusaari development relies on a new metro station under construction as part of the extension of the metro to the west (West Metro). The metro ride to the city centre will take about 5 minutes, and the ride to the Keilaniemi and Otaniemi business parks will take only minutes.

Housing is placed on peninsulas and on the island’s main street. Strips of residential buildings line the waterfront and shield shared courtyards. Many of the residences have views to the sea. There are no residences in the immediate vicinity of the major Länsiväylä motorway that crosses the island.

The plan places most of the jobs in Koivusaari near Länsiväylä, some of them on a deck over Länsiväylä as close to the Koivusaari centre and the metro station as possible.  

The main green area of Koivusaari is in the southern end of the island. It is made up of two distinct sections: a constructed park with sports fields and playgrounds, and a seashore field in its natural state.

According to the plan, the largest green area in the northern part of the island envelops a bay. One side of the bay preserves the existing natural formations and trees. The other side has a constructed waterfront park and a swimming beach. The Koivusaari shoreline is encircled by an unbroken path connected seamlessly to paths on the Lauttasaari and Espoo shorelines.   

The plan places two marinas in the southern part of Koivusaari, one of them located at the Vaskilahti bay in eastern Koivusaari and the other opposite to the Hanasaari island south of Länsiväylä.

The northern side of Koivusaari will have a marina for motor boats. There will be mooring for residents as well.

Koivusaari is located west of Lauttasaari. Länsiväylä crosses the island in the middle. Today the area is largely used for boating.

Planning timetable

The City Planning Committee approved a partial city plan proposal for Koivusaari in October 2014. The plan proceeds from the City Planning Committee to the City Board and further to the City Council. Detailed plans will be prepared after the completion of the partial city plan.

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