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Vantaa River

The source of the Vantaa River (Vantaanjoki) is Erkylä Lake in the municipality of Hausjärvi. The lake is 111 metres above the Gulf of Finland. The river flows into the gulf at Vanhankaupunginlahti in Helsinki. The Vantaa River is about 100 kilometres long.

The river flows through green fields and cultural landscape, and its catchment area is inhabited by more than one million people. One-sixth of the river’s catchment area of 1,686 square kilometres is urban, one-quarter is fields and about half is forest. The river is an important channel and habitat for flora and fauna.

The upstream especially receives treated wastewater. The river is also burdened by diffuse loading from agriculture and settlements without sewer systems. The river’s water is muddy.

Owing to fish-breeding and improved water quality, the Vantaa River has varied species of fish. The species now number 34.

Especially in periods of flooding in spring and autumn, the river’s muddy freshwater spreads like a lens over Helsinki’s coastal seawater areas. The river water contains high levels of nutrients, which burden the Helsinki coastal waters. The Vantaa River brings four times more phosphorous and nitrogen into the Helsinki coastal waters than the treated effluent released from the Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant.

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