Water bodies

Helsinki has a great deal of water: the Gulf of Finland, the Vantaa River, brooks, ditches, bonds and wells. Sea covers 500 square kilometres of the total Helsinki area of 686 square kilometres.

Drainage and storm water

Drainage water is storm (rain) water and surface runoff from melting snow which is conducted off the ground, roofs and other surfaces. Drainage water reflects human activity, which differentiates it from other surface waters.

Drainage water strategy

Helsinki City Board approved the City of Helsinki drainage water strategy on 20 October 2008. The strategy’s programme of activities is aimed at prevention of flooding, maintaining ground water levels, regional and local water removal, minimization of hazardous substances in drainage water and promotion of the utilization of drainage water.

City of Helsinki flooding instructions

The instructions cover protection of property against flooding caused by the sea and water bodies as well as by drainage water consisting of storm water and melting snow. The instructions also give guidelines for preparedness for flooding.

Rug washing piers

Apart from the Pukinmäki pier opened in June 2008, Helsinki’s 14 rug washing piers are located at the sea in Herttoniemi, Hevossalmi, Humallahti, Kalasatama, Lauttasaari, Marjaniemi, Merisatama, Munkkiniemi, Ruoholahti, Sörnäisten rantatie, Taivallahti, Tervasaari and Vartiokylä. The piers are open from May to September. There are many rug washers and activities on the piers especially on warm summer days.

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