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The birds in Helsinki and in its green areas are plentiful and there are many different species, as the city contains an extensive spectrum of habitats suitable for birds.

Over 120 bird species nest in Helsinki, in addition to which there are sightings in the city of bird species that spend winter in Helsinki or pass through during their migration. Of the nesting species around 15 are threatened or need monitoring.

Bird sites in Helsinki

Helsinki city centre is located on a peninsula that pushes out into the sea. The city’s coasts are mostly built, but natural archipelagos and a surprisingly large population of nesting birds have been preserved particularly in the Kaivopuisto area.

The parks of the inner city area also form green islets that attract migratory birds. The city’s marketplaces and harbours, which remain unfrozen late into the winter, are also important to water birds. However, the best-known winter site for water birds in the city is under the Töölönlahti train bridge.

Bird sites:

  • Viikki–Vanhankaupunginlahti
  • Kyläsaari–Arabianranta
  • Kallahdenniemi
  • Tali and Iso-Huopalahti
  • Haltiala–Niskala
  • Lauttasaari
  • The archipelago
  • Bird sites in the city centre
  • Kaisaniemi park
  • Töölönlahti
  • Suomenlinna
  • Harakka
  • Kaivopuisto

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Am I allowed to feed birds in the city?

Feeding birds is allowed in areas where it is not specifically prohibited.

Why are the seagulls and crows in the city so aggressive?

Birds will defend their young with loud calls and feints.