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Park design, construction and maintenance

Parks – both old and new – are included in various plans. Residents are invited to join their design. The beginning of park design projects, when designs are on display and feedback meetings are announced on the City Environment Division’s website and in neighbourhood publications.

Parks can be constructed by Stara, the City of Helsinki’s in-house construction services provider, or by private contractors, but the outcome is always the responsibility of the Urban Environment Division.

The City Council allocates an annual budget for the construction and renovation of green areas. Within this budget, the Urban Environment Division selects the parks to be constructed and renovated. The selection prioritises safety and uniform development of the city.

Park maintenance tasks include cleaning, plant management and the maintenance of park furniture, equipment and paths. The tasks are carried out in accordance with a maintenance classification. As a park is constructed, it is assigned to maintenance class, which can be altered later in the area plan as necessary.

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