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Luukki and Salmi nature trails

Luukki nature trails, foto: City of Helsinki


The Luukki recreational area is located in Espoo, on both sides of Porintie Highway, 23 kilometres from the centre of Helsinki. The Luukkaa nature path presents the forest nature of the area, its maintenance and protection, and also shares information on the area’s local history.

You can choose from two paths: the longer is 9 kilometres and the shorter is 6 kilometres. The first section of the paths is the same. On the path, the hiker is guided by path signs, marked with a pinecone symbol, and each sight has its own information board. The route goes along different hiking paths, and it is quite easy to walk, excluding a few steep hills.

The large forest area of Luukkaa belongs to the lake highland of Nuuksio. The area is around 620 hectares. Several small ponds and swamps in the north-south direction increase the diversity of the recreational area of Luukkaa. The forests, too, are versatile and range from barren, rocky areas to small groves. Large forests areas, which are kept in their natural state, are located in the north-eastern and north-western side of Luukkaa: Primeval forest areas of Kaitalampi and Luukkaa.

The old Luukkaa Manor and its surroundings serve the hikers in the area. The area also has several cooking shelters and camping sites. Popular swimming places are located near the Luukinjärvi Manor and in the south-western side of Kaitalampi area.

Salmi nature trails, foto: City of Helsinki


Salmi has three nature paths: Manor Gnome’s Tour for children, the short Paavo’s Path and the longer Tapio’s Tour.

Manor Gnome’s Tour

Manor Gnome’s Tour is 1.5 kilometres long and marked with the orange colour. It passes through several different natural environments, which all have their own fairy-tale resident. Playgrounds, a swimming place and a camp fire site are also along the path. The path ends at the playground behind the Manor.

Paavo’s Path

Paavo’s Path (1.6 km) has been marked with blue. It passes through beaches, meadows and forests. There is a picnic place along the path in Lammasniemi. Paavo’s Path is intended for school children, families and senior citizens. It is quite a short and easy walk, and is also suitable for those going at a slower pace.

Tapio’s Tour

Tapio’s Tour is about 10 kilometres long and it is marked with green. You can either walk the whole path or take a shortcut from Iso-Parikka. Tapio’s Tour takes you through forest, swamp and waterside landscapes. A camp fire site and swimming places are at the Iso-Parikka and Pikku-Parikka beaches. Tapio’s Tour is intended for fit hikers of all ages, and it is easy to walk.

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The heart of Luukki, which is one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in the Helsinki region, is an old manor. The area includes 20 hectares of forest inhabited by flying squirrels.


Salmi is a popular outdoor recreation area. Salmi covers 860 hectares.