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Excursions to nature

Excursions to nature

– registration in advance required!

Finnish nature in the summer light invites everybody to explore its beauty. The cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area provide outdoor opportunities for their citizens by organizing guided nature tours from the beginning of June 2021. The list of excursions is presented in  nature tour calendar in chronological order. The calendar is in Finnish.

The guided tours are primarily in Finnish, but some tours are conducted in Swedish (City of Kauniainen).  

The tours are free of charge expect when a boat ride is involved. Regular fares apply on boats. Registration in advance  is required this year for the safety reasons. The registration should be done at least two days before the tour. Registration instructions can be found in the tour calendar and and the links to registrations at the bottom of this page.

The tours are open to everybody irrespective of their home city. Participants do not need to be in top physical condition to attend.

Rubber boots are a proper outfit in case the tours take the participants off paved and constructed paths. Binoculars are a good accessory on bird watching and hiking tours. Food and drink can be brought along but with discretion, because tours pause for a refreshment break only if a break is indicated in the tour calendar.


Registration to the Nature Excursions:


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