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Experience Helsinki Nature!

Helsinki hosts a number of amazing nature sites. Make your way to the top ten with the help of the website optimised for mobile devices.

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The mobile guide tells you how to get to nature sites. In addition, the ready-made routes help you move around in nature. They also contain information on the nature, history and services in the area. Citynature sites (pdf)

Experience Helsinki Nature! set of brochures

Experience Helsinki Nature! set of brochures helps you visit the most important recreational areas and nature reserves in Helsinki. The brochures have been created in cooperation with nature and tourism experts from the City of Helsinki and Markkinointi Oy.

Viikki – a hike to Vanhankaupunginlahti

Helsingin luontoon -esite: Viikki

Vanhankaupunginlahti is Helsinki’s bird paradise. The sea bay with its decomposing matter consists of a number of different wet habitats: alder swamps, coastal meadows, small reeded ponds, dense endless reed beds, and shallow water areas. The shore features recreation paths, bird watching towers, beautiful bedrock areas, old forests and the fields of Viikki.

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Kallahdenniemi – Helsinki’s most impressive esker

Helsingin luontoo -esite: Kallahdenniemi

Kallahdenniemi is a grand esker peninsular jutting out from Vuosaari. Due to its sandy soil, it features a rugged, bright pine forest atypical for Helsinki. The beaches on the peninsular are wide, beautiful, and sandy. The esker continues into the sea as an underwater sandbank.

Brochure in PDF format

Uutela recreational area – forests and seafronts

Helsingin luontoo -esite: Uutela

Within walking distance of Vuosaari metro station, you can find Uutela, a large recreational area covering over a hundred hectares of forest and sea shore. The area makes for a great outing destination for both family picnics and nature photographers exploring and creating their own paths.

Brochure in PDF format

Lauttasaari – take the metro to some marine views


Lauttasaari is a lively and distinctive maritime district. One of its attractions is its wonderful natural beaches. The southern shore features glaciated rock, wide shallows and rocky islets that can be reached by foot. Dotted around there are also meadows and lush common alder groves.

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Vantaanjoki – a trout river and Helsinki’s birthplace


The Vantaanjoki is Helsinki’s largest freshwater environment. The most impressive rapids can be found at Vanhankaupunginkoski at the river’s mouth and at the city’s northern border, in the area between Pitkäkoski and Ruutinkoski. A hiking path runs along the shore on either side of the river throughout the entirety of Helsinki.

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Mustavuori – dark caves and displays of colour from anemones


Mustavuori is the most prized lush grove in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region. Wood anemone, common hepatica and yellow anemone flower in May, all putting on their best show. The bedrock in the centre of Mustavuori features First World War era trenches and three large excavated caves.

Brochure in PDF format

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