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Protection of species

Threatened species

By decree under the Nature Conservation Act such species, whose natural preservation in Finland is endangered, can be designated as threatened. Threatened species are listed in the Decree on Nature Conservation.

Species requiring particular protection

Some of the threatened species are also designated as being under special protection. These species are listed in the Decree on Nature Conservation

A decision by a regional environment centre specifies the boundaries of the area where species under special protection occur, and informs the landowner of this decision. Following this decision, any destruction or impairment of the area important for the conservation of such species is forbidden by law. If the area of occurrence is located within a conservation area, such a decision on boundaries is unnecessary.

Seven vascular plants, which are under special conservation, grow in Helsinki: Field Gentian, Field Restharrow, True Fox Sedge, Giant Fescue, Wavy Bittercress, Wooly Butterbur and White Adder's Mouth.

Protected species

Under the Nature Conservation Act, wild animals and plants that come within the scope of the legislation can be protected. The Decree on Nature Conservation forbids the collection, taking, disturbance, confinement, killing and movement of protected species. Most mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians are protected. Game species are more precisely regulated under Finland’s hunting legislation.

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