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Securing biodiversity

“Helsinki treasures its valuable nature and is working to increase the diversity of urban nature. The ecological quality of green and blue areas, their accessibility and their health effects will be secured. The Nature Conservation Programme will be implemented and the forest network reinforced. 

The state of Helsinki’s water areas, both inland and coastal, will be improved and attention will be paid to reviving the migratory fish populations. The systematic increase of diversity in forests and forested areas is the central objective of forestry. 

The green surface area will be increased in the city structure to promote cost-effective management of storm waters. The diversity of the City’s parks will be increased. A decision concerning the National Urban Park project will be made during the ongoing council period of office, after the review has been completed.”(Helsinki city strategy 2017–2021

The first action programme for securing biodiversity (LUMO programme) was compiled for 2008–2017. According to a follow-up survey carried out in early 2018, over 80% of its measures were completed or underway. 

The LUMO programme is now being updated, and will be completed in early 2020.

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