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Natural environments


Within Helsinki’s borders, there are approximately 4,700 hectares of forested green areas. The City of Helsinki owns roughly 3,500 hectares of forest in the Nuuksio highland lake area in Espoo and Vihti, and these are for outdoor recreation use. In addition to these, the City of Helsinki owns large areas of forest in Sipoo.

The largest continuous forested areas in the city may be found in the Central Park, Tali, Munkkiniemi, Viikki, Kivikko, Laajasalo, Mustavuori and Uutela.


The sea area of Helsinki consists of extensive bays, a fairly sparse archipelago and further out there are outlying islets and the open sea areas. The quality of the seawater is affected by impurities in storm waters, diffuse loading, human activities and wastewaters led to the outer archipelago through tunnels.

Also the silt containing water masses flowing from the River Vantaanjoki affects the Helsinki sea area. Seawater quality is monitored regularly at several observation stations.

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