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Cultural environments

Yards, parks and gardens

The variety of parks in Helsinki is broad and multifaceted. The styles and values of different eras alternate between districts. The oldest parks were established in the 19th century and the latest ones are currently being built.

The parks are our communal living rooms, offering experiences throughout the year. Someone enjoys a relaxing stay in a park, another person loves a sweaty performance on a track, someone is brightened up by a walk in a park on a cold winter’s day while another person enjoys a summer picnic the most.

Allotments are for General Recreational Use

Allotment areas and allotment gardens are for general recreational use, where walking is allowed in paths and other public areas. The allotments and cottages, including their gardens, are nevertheless private area belonging to the tenants, and their privacy must be respected.

In the cottage areas, walking outside of routes is also allowed. A cottage does not include a private garden, and the area is not meant for cultivation.

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