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Ecosystem services

Cities are completely dependent on nature and the free benefits provided by nature, that is, ecosystem services.

Ecosystem services include nutrition, raw materials, clean drinking water and many cultural benefits such as outdoor recreational services. Securing ecosystem services promotes the strength and working of ecosystems, also in abnormal situations.

Ecosystem services play important roles in the mitigation and adjustment to climate change. A key question in Helsinki is how to make the city increasingly dense without weakening important ecosystem services.

Recreational services provided by nature in urban environments are significant ecosystem services. Nature is held in very high value in Helsinki because of its many merits including fresh air, natural beauty and enjoyment. Nature offers opportunities both for group activities and for solitary enjoyment.

06.12.2019 18:30

Ecosystem services information corner

Ecosystem services are material and immaterial benefits derived by humankind from the diverse composition and operation of ecosystems.

Water flow, absorption and purification

The flow of water in the city can be studied by following rainwater. Where does rainwater go and how is it absorbed after rainfall? What does the water carry with it?

Mind and body refreshed

Important ecosystem services provided by urban nature include outdoor recreation.

Enjoy and let others enjoy

Sound ecosystem services provide benefits and enjoyment to citizens.