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Rental housing

The City of Helsinki is Finland’s biggest landlord. The City owns over 56,000 housing units. One in six Helsinki residents lives in a rental unit, which amounts to about 90,000 residents.

City rental housing is highly sought after, because the units are reasonably priced. Units are located in nearly every part of the city.

The price of rented housing in Helsinki is affected by the size, location and condition of the flat. The rents outside the city centre are less expensive. In Helsinki, most flats with two rooms and kitchen cost about 800-1,100 euros a month and most flats with three rooms and kitchen about 1,000-1,500 euros a month. The rents for furnished flats are a little higher.

Besides the rent, the residents also pays for electricity, water, home insurance and a possible Internet connection. They also have to pay a rental security deposit, which equals 1-3 months’ rent. It is paid back when the resident moves out of the flat.

Read more about how to look for a rental flat, the rental agreement and other documents on the InfoFinland website.

Applying for City rental housing is free of charge and there are no handling fees. A tenant does not pay a deposit and does not give other guarantees.

An application for City rental housing can be made on the Rental apartment search pages. 

The ownership and maintenance of City rental housing is organized through City-owned real estate companies. Most housing is managed by the housing company Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka). Other City real estate companies that own rental housing are Auroranlinna, Helsingin Asuntohankinta and Helsingin Korkotukiasunnot.

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