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Selling Hitas housing

Hitas homes are sold by their owners.

Before selling a Hitas home, the seller should request the following from the housing company manager to confirm the maximum price:

• the manager’s certificate (sufficient to confirm the maximum price, if upgrades to the unit are not reported) or
• the maximum price form if unit-based and housing-company based upgrades are reported.

Fulfilled forms are delivered either by e-mail or by mail to: or P.O. Box 58231, 00099 City of Helsinki

Upper price limit

A Hitas home can always be sold for a price that does not exceed the valid upper price limit without confirmation of the maximum price. When the upper price limit is applied, no upgrades to the unit are considered in the sale price.

Change of ownership

The housing company manager or a representative of the housing company board must deliver copies of the sale document and other transfer documents to the Housing Services Unit within the set period of time either by e-mail or by mail.

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