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Housing and health

The state of emergency caused by the coronavirus epidemic

Environmental Services request that special attention be paid to the hygiene of housing properties’ shared-use spaces and that cleaning efforts be intensified, if necessary.

For the time being, we are only providing services via e-mail and phone and are not receiving any visiting customers.

The housing health information and advice service is available by calling the number 09 310 15000 (Tue at 9:00-15:00 and Mon, Wed-Thu at 9:00–12:00) and

More information here.

Housing and health

The conditions in homes must be such that they do not cause health hazards to people.

Control of health conditions in housing in Helsinki is the responsibility of the Urban Environment Division's Environment services. The Environment services carries out health hazard inspections of apartments upon residents’ requests.

If there is reason to suspect a health hazard in a home or a corresponding space for human activity, one should always first contact the property owner or manager.

The responsibility for investigating and correcting a hazard lies with the actor that has caused the hazard. In case of disagreement with the property owner on the existence of a hazard or correction need, the The Environment services can review the matter and inspect the space in its capacity as the municipal health authority.

The waste guide helps you with sorting problems

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY organise waste management for residential properties and the public administration, both in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Kirkkonummi. Waste guide tells you what kind of waste your waste items are and where to take them.

Waste guide

HSY recycling points became Rinki eco take-back points

Consumers can take used carton, glass and plastic packaging as well as small metal objects to Rinki eco take-back points. Paper can also be recycled at the points, and most of them accept wearable clothing. You can find the points and materials accepted at each point using the search at

Other waste materials can be taken to HSY’s Sortti Stations. Hazardous waste is also collected at some service stations. Recycling points can be found at

A free customer service will be available for consumers in the Helsinki region with questions and feedback about Rinki eco take-back points from the beginning of 2019: Tel. 0800 133 888 (Mon-Fri 7:00-21:00, Sat 9:00-18:00), email: You can also leave your feedback quickly and easily using the online form at  The new contact details will also be available at the eco take-back points.

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