Tobacco supervision

An application for a retail licence to sell tobacco products is made using a national form according to instructions issued by Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. The form in both electronic and printable formats can be found on the Valvira Internet pages.

An application must include a plan for the supervision of tobacco products sales by the vendor and, in some cases, a drawing of the point of sales (if the point of sales is at some other place than a service or cashier counter). A model for the plan can be found on the Valvira Internet pages.

Retailers are advised to file the application electronically. The electronic form is fulfilled on the Valvira Internet pages. The fulfilled form is transmitted to municipal authorities for processing.

Tobacco retailers in Helsinki can also mail an application to:

City of Helsinki Environment Centre
P.O. Box

The application is processed against a fee. The holders of a tobacco retail licence are charged an annual supervision fee. The amount of the fee in Helsinki has been determined by the City of Helsinki Environment Centre.

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