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Domestic water

The City of Helsinki Environment Services monitors the quality of the household water supplied by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY. This monitoring takes the form of taking samples, which are generally taken from major users in different parts of the water supply network.

The Environment Services takes around 450 water samples each year. The number of samples taken each year is based on the average of 147,000 m3/day of water supplied in Helsinki by Helsinki Water. The number of samples includes those taken for continuous microbiological and chemical-physical determinations.

The drinking water of those living in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area travels roughly 120 kilometres through a tunnel from Lake Päijänne to the HSY water treatment plants in Pitkäkoski and Vanhakaupunki in Helsinki. The raw water is extracted from a depth of 26 m at a distance of 350 m from the shore. This keeps its temperature constant throughout the year, which is good for water quality and the condition of the water management network.

The quality of HSY’s domestic water easily meets the quality requirements and recommendations.

Domestic water issues HSY

15.12.2020 18:04

Water quality

Water quality monitored daily in a laboratory.

Temperatures of domestic water

If an occupant notices changes in the water temperature, they should contact the manager of the housing company.

Well water

There are only a few households in Helsinki that use water drawn from their own well.